Curriculum for the Second-Year Students

Any student who has completed the first year of Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC) may attend the program for second-year students. However, some students may want to redo year one, if they feel that they would get greater benefit from doing so. Just discuss this with Beth or James. The cost for redoing CBC 1 will be the same as taking it for the first time.

CBC 2 is an 11-month program, whose emphasis shifts from self-healing to one of becoming more fully an agent for divine consciousness in your relationships and in your world.  Trainings will be provided to improve your ability to counsel and be of help to others – family, friends and others in the larger community in which we live.  Healing Arts Theater will offer opportunities to use the arts for healing yourself and the community. You will learn more about subtle energies and how to regulate them.   And there will also be a deeper exploration and development of your “divine fragment” of evolutionary potential by delving into archetypal patterns of yourself and the collective.

The school year is September 2013-July 2014. Second-year students will achieve a degree of mastery beyond what they were able to achieve in their first year. The program is just evolving, but so far, we see the group having both collective intensives and specializations. Each month, there will be a one-day workshop for the entire CBC 2 class, as well as a one-day workshop where you will be asked to practice your new skills by supporting the students in CBC 1. In addition, there will be classes and trainings for the various specializations, as well as cross-training of all students, so that all may broaden their education and gain valuable skills and experiences.

The three specializations to be offered in 2013-2014 are

  • Counseling & Consulting, offering training, experience and supervision for practitioners of our blended intuitive and hypnotherapeutic modalities, which can be applied with individuals and/or groups. Counseling & Consulting students will also be required to participate as coaches in the monthly first-year student’s healing workshop, whenever possible, and this coaching experience will be part of their training. They will also be encouraged to mentor first-year students. In addition, they will be expected to do peer counseling with one another and with first-year students as well, and they can expect to receive supervision. Counseling & Consulting students will be on track to achieving intuitive hypnotherapy certification from the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, if they show sufficient command of the materials. Strategies and scripts will be provided for dealing effectively with addictive behaviors, pain control, stress relief, emotional problems and a wide range of self-improvement goals for individuals, couples and groups. Students serious about certification are encouraged to also do our two-week Intuitive Hypnotherapy intensive, which will entitle them to a 25% discount on their next year of CBC.
  • Healing Arts Theater, utilizing the arts to recognize and overcome the students’ own blocks and to help advance healing and higher consciousness in the collective. Healing Arts Theater students are expected to participate in training groups led by Beth, who will help them identify the blocks to their art, and they will learn how to discern blocks in one another, so that they may use the healing arts modalities to help one another and eventually people outside the program. Supervision will be available. Students will also be encouraged to participate in performances of the Healing Arts Theater, which will offer rehearsed and improvisational experiences, and the theater will be actively participating in CBC throughout the year, using  the arts to effect healing during workshops and other activities with both first- and second-year students. Students may also create theater experiences outside CBC.
  • Esoteric Arts & Sciences, understanding and regulating the flow of our energy and optimizing our inner archetypal patterns, which includes the astrological horoscope – the “mandala of the soul”; numerology, an overlay of archetypal tendencies within us based on our vibrational frequencies; and other symbolic representations of forces operating within oneself and in creation.  Archetypes are aspects of the collective consciousness that are in the process of evolution, which is a key part of the Living with Reality program. Led by James and supported by Beth, students will learn how to work with major archetypes of the psyche and the collective, including those which influence relationships, finances, career, identity, creativity, the emotional, mental and spiritual life for individual and collective healing and growth.  Students will also be trained to help individuals and groups with self-awareness and healing, and they will be given opportunities to practice their new skills within the context of CBC. In addition, this program will train students to recognize and regulate the flow of subtle energies, as students are trained to lead LifeForce workouts. Supervision will be available. Other classes on the esoteric arts and sciences may also be added.

You do not have to choose a specialization to start with, and you can participate in as many or as few of these specializations as you wish. In fact, at any time, you may also attend an occasional class or training in a specialization not your own, if you wish. In addition, we will be bringing teachings from all the specializations into our collective workshops, so you will benefit from all the aspects of CBC 2, regardless of your specialization.

For all CBC 2 students, each month includes:

  • Participation in the one-day live workshop for first-year students. This will take place the Saturday of the second weekend of the month. By participating in this monthly one-day workshop with the new students, you will review and deepen your own healing and understanding around the segments already covered in CBC 1, which will strengthen your foundation and support you to advance. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to coach the new first-year students under the supervision of Beth and James. Students in all the specialties are required to attend and participate, whenever possible. Counseling & Consulting students can practice their coaching skills, Healing Arts Theater students will be able to use the arts to support the CBC 1 students, and students in the Esoteric Arts & Sciences will be called upon to use their new skills, as well.
  • A second one-day live workshop the next day, which is the Sunday of the second weekend of the month, will be attended only by second-year students and will be co-led by Beth and James. These one-day workshops will support you to move into new dimensions of self-mastery by introducing new topics or reviewing old ones at a higher level. In addition, cross-training in all the specializations will be offered in these workshops, so that you will be grounded in many modalities and be given opportunities to expand your understanding and skills.
  • Trainings in the three specializations that are offered in 2013-14, namely, Counseling & Consulting, the Healing Arts Theater, and the Esoteric Arts & Sciences, including a focus on subtle energies. In the future, other specializations may be added or substituted.
  • Guided experiences in encountering and transforming your inner archetypes that are downloadable to your computer or mobile device. These guided experiences will be available live and via the medium of audio file only, as audio is the form best suited to support these inner experiences.
  • A continuation of your free subscription to LifeForce, a mind-body-spirit exercise program which helps bring you into more alignment with higher consciousness, as well as into a state of greater wellbeing, including more energy and relaxation.

The second year of CBC begins on the second Saturday of September, 2013, when students are encouraged to participate in the work of the first-year CBC students. The workshop that is only for second-year students will take place on the following Sunday. Specialization training will be scheduled later according to the need and students’ availability. Up to this point, we have been using Thursday evenings for specialized trainings.

The cost of CBC 2 is the same as the first year: $200/month for individuals; $300 for families in the same house.

There will probably be a CBC 3, and completion of CBC 2 will be a pre-requisite.



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