Consciousness Boot Camp is offered in three versions with varying degrees of time commitment and cost. 

  • CBC Light, a completely free online study guide that provides a PDF version of Living with Reality, a 688-page guide to accelerated growth, lectures, LifeForce inner workouts, meditations, study questions and access to a mutual support group – All online and all free.
  • CBC Full, All the above plus the complete lecture series, 9-10 hours of healing workshops a month and intuitive counseling-hypnotherapeutic training in pre-recorded form. Counselor Training, Healing Arts & Esoteric Arts & Sciences videos will be available in the second year of study – All online and only $100/month for an individual; $150 for a family.
  • CBC Live & Personal, All the above plus the opportunity to work directly with Beth in all the healing workshops and trainings. You can participate live in person or via the internet through combining uStreaming and chat. This is an irreplaceable opportunity to be trained by a master of her craft – All in person at her North San Diego County facility or live using internet technology for only $200/month for an individual; $300 for a family. Here are the dates for CBC Live & Personal: CBC Dates 2013 to 2014.

Specifics About the CBC Live & Personal Training Schedule and Program

For you to benefit from this program, we have developed a 10-month comprehensive training, plus two additional talks for you to watch before you start.

Each full month provides a focused series of teachings and experiences, spread out during the month. Since everything is available via the internet, you may do your studying and practice during the weeks specified, or you may catch up if you need to at a later time. With the exception of the live healing workshops, you make your own schedule!

Prior to starting, you will be asked to watch the two-part Introduction to Consciousness Boot Camp: two 2+ hour teaching segments as well as a 30-minute orientation to Consciousness Boot Camp. One segment is a talk on “Ego, Instinct & Evolution,” the critically important introduction to the Living with Reality book. The other segment is a healing session based on “Ego, Instinct & Evolution.” These talks are available online to anyone free of charge and are right here on the sidebar of the website to your right. In addition, please watch the “Accepting the Challenge of Consciousness Boot Camp: a New Orientation” video also on the sidebar of the site.

Consciousness Boot Camp 1 – Curriculum for New Students

CBC 1 is for our new students and is a prerequisite for any other work in Consciousness Boot Camp. It is powerful and healing and stands alone as a transformational experience. At the same time, it is a doorway to further mastery and self-mastery, leading to our becoming ever-more clear, well and effective as agents of change.

Enrollment in CBC 1 will entitle you to an 11-month course that follows the order of theLiving with Reality book and which brings you through analysis, healing and learning of new paradigms, tools and techniques. It is a true program for transformation.

Live Support:

Each and every month includes the following live programs:

  • A one-day workshop with CBC co-leaders Beth Green, James Maynard and coaches. This work is in addition to the recorded videos and a supplement to them. The workshop is held on the Saturday of the second weekend of each month, starting in September, 2013. (Dates of all workshops will be provided separately. You must enroll for the September CBC 1 to attend live workshops, unless you are able to catch up online and join the ongoing group.) The hours are approximately 10-5, with a lunch break. You may attend in person, participate in real time via uStream, or watch the recordings on the internet after the workshop takes place, if you cannot be here in person or be online at the time of the workshop. These workshops will provide a great deal of personal healing and are transformative, as well as educational.
  • Free peer counseling sessions for further personal healing, which will help you to achieve more inner wellbeing, as well as become more able to learn and develop in the consciousness work. Peer counseling is provided by second-year students and supervised by Beth Green and James Maynard. All you need to do is sign up for counseling sessions.
  • Living with Reality mutual support call and/or a daily check-in call with your peers, where you will gain more self-awareness and have the opportunity to use the tools you are learning in CBC.
  • Coaching and support from second-year students.

Video & Audio Support

Also included in the course are all the online videos.* Each month includes:

  • Two approximately 1 ½-hour lectures on the topic of the month. These talks are by author Beth Green and follow the order of the Living with Reality book. They are powerful and bring new understandings and information on the materials. Don’t miss them.
  • Three 3-hour healing segments, which are videotaped workshops of the first CBC students working to bring to life the concepts, tools and principles of Living with Reality. Like watching Reality TV, you get to follow the transformation of people like you, who have struggled with their own reactivity and learned to be profoundly different. These workshops are filled with amazing insight and honesty, and watching these videos is like seeing yourself in the process of healing. You have a chance to transform along with the students you are watching, because during the videos, you are asked to join the work by asking yourself questions along with the students who are present, and you have the opportunity to go through processes with us.
  • One 2+ hour recorded practice session for hypno-intuitive counseling. You will gain the benefit of watching students being trained as hypno-intuitive practitioners, which helps prepare you for a possible specialization as a counseling/consulting practitioner. The work also offers you more insight into yourself and others, whether you wish to use these tools professionally or not. These practice sessions occurred only during the final 7 months of the first year’s course.
  • A free subscription to LifeForce, a mind-body-spirit exercise program which helps bring you into more alignment with higher consciousness, as well as into a state of greater wellbeing, including more energy and relaxation. A new LifeForce is provided every week..
  • A guided meditation, relevant to the month’s topic, downloadable to your computer or mobile device. This meditation is geared toward integrating the processes and learning for each month, so that you are able to become more adept at practicing the program. The meditation is available via audio file only, as this is the form best suited to support your meditation practice.

* The first month, September, there are only two video segments: one lecture and one healing segment. There will, however, still be a brand new live workshop that month, as well.

CBC 1 can be a valuable experience in and of itself, and it is also the pre-requisite for CBC 2, which will increase your self-mastery and skills to help others. In year two, there will be collective work and specializations in Counseling/Consulting, Healing Arts Theater and Esoteric Arts & Sciences, but all first-year students will begin to benefit from the second year specializations by connecting to the second-year students who will be helping coach and mentor. (For more information about our specializations, please review the Curriculum for Second-Year Students.) There may be additional events for all CBC students.

CBC 1 lasts from September 2013 to July 2014, but if you wish to do the program entirely online, you may join at any time.

The cost of CBC 1 is $200/month for an individual; $300/month for a family living together.



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