About Beth Maynard Green

Beth Maynard Green is a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, consultant, author, workshop leader and composer whose work is dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness – both individually and collectively. She is a co-founder of Consciousness Boot Camp, which is a large focus of her current work. She is also a prolific blogger, whose writings are regularly featured on the Huffington Post.

Born in 1945, Beth became a social activist at the age of nine, when she began to protest social injustice. In 1961, at the age of 16, she wrote a heart-felt and compelling letter to the New York Times calling us to consciousness about nuclear proliferation.  The letter captured the attention of the international peace movement and was distributed around the world. Shortly thereafter, she joined 13 other students to march in front of the White House to ban nuclear testing. As a result, Beth was expelled from Smith, the Ivy League college where she had been a scholarship student.

This was a defining moment in her life. She had chosen to participate in the march despite the school’s warnings that she would be punished, and it has been a hallmark of Beth’s life that she feels compelled to do the right thing, whatever the personal consequences. She remained a devoted activist, intensely participating in the anti-Vietnam War movement and a variety of other struggles for social and economic justice in the U.S. and abroad.

After many years of dedication to social revolution, Beth had a spiritual awakening in 1978 at the age of 33. Now turning her focus to the inner revolution, she deepened her devotion to the wellbeing and evolution of the collective. Beth’s approach to healing has been extremely comprehensive, including body, mind and spirit. For example, even back in the early 1980s, Beth offered intuitively guided food plans, emphasizing healthy eating for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

She pioneered intuitive counseling and counselor training, which combined emotional clearing, addiction recovery and spirituality. She has offered business consulting based on spiritual teaching and paradigms. And she has taught many original concepts, tools and techniques that confronted the “me-based” perspective even in the spiritual movement. She has also brought in the mystical dimension, channeling divine energies and teaching people how to access the universal energies that help us heal and become blessings to others. Recently she and her husband, James Maynard Green, have co-founded the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness: Psycho-Intuitive Services & Training, which will offer counseling, consulting and coaching services based on their powerful blend of spiritual, intuitive and hypnotherapeutic skills and will train people to develop their own capacities. Consciousness Boot Camp comprises most of the first year of that training.

Throughout her work, Beth has aimed to help people clear the obstacles to higher consciousness, so that they and we can be truly guided by the highest good of all. As such, she has directly confronted the ego – the me-based, short term thinking and the destructive and self-destructive behaviors that have plagued ourselves and our planet.

Beth’s achievements are numerous. They include:

  • Her inspired and ground-breaking teachings contained in the Living with Reality, a free download on this site and a roadmap to higher consciousness.
  • The Stream, the non-profit organization that Beth founded in 1983, which is a living laboratory where the paradigms, processes, techniques and tools Beth has developed are in use, are being refined and are deepened constantly to effect permanent changes in those who engage with them.
  • Her musical compositions and recordings (3 CDs) which support people to connect to divine energy and find peace.
  • Founding the Spiritual Activist Movement, in 1993.
  • Five books, all providing pathways to the wisdom of the divine that has spoken through Beth.
  • Co-founding the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness: Psycho-Intuitive Services & Training.

For more information about Beth, go to her website, Beth’s Place.



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