Is Consciousness Boot Camp Right for You?

Consciousness Boot Camp is suitable for people and organizations dedicated to reorienting themselves toward oneness, accountability and mutual support, not only in theory, but in practice; not only on their own behalf, but on behalf of others. Its program is intense, comprehensive and well-tested in the real world. It integrates many levels of healing and many modalities for transformation.

Co-sponsored by The Stream, a nonprofit educational corporation, and the Center for Healing and Higher Consciousness, Consciousness Boot Camp will be co-led by two masters of their craft, each with more than 30 years of experience. One is Beth Maynard Green, Stream founder, well-known intuitive counselor, consultant, author and innovative spiritual teacher; the other is Dr. James Maynard Green, a pioneer in the use of self-help techniques for healing and achieving higher levels of consciousness.

The philosophy behind Consciousness Boot Camp is, simply put:

  • In order for us to solve our collective problems, we need a collective approach founded on overcoming the domination of the ego, as we have known it.
  • In order for us to overcome the domination of the ego, we need to understand its purpose and genesis, we need support, and we need emotional and energetic wellbeing.
  • In order for us to achieve emotional and energetic wellbeing, we need specific tools for identifying and clearing negative programming, and we need access to divine consciousness.

All these goals will be addressed in Consciousness Boot Camp. If you enroll, you will gain:

  • New Learning:

  1. A 400+ page textbook called Living with Reality, by Stream Founder Beth Green. Nine years in the writing, Living with Reality is a comprehensive manual for understanding ourselves and the ego, a self-help volume to help us overcome destructive and self-destructive programming, and a step-by-step guide to becoming freed to live from a place of higher consciousness. It has been in use for many years, and it works.
  2. Talks highlighting key points in the Living with Reality book, as well as programs focusing on ways to apply its principles in daily life. These will span subjects such as sex and spirituality, relationships, money, work, parenting and other important topics.
  • Training in therapeutic techniques for you to achieve personal healing and skills:
  1. Ten one-day weekend workshops, where you will learn proven therapeutic techniques to help you and others overcome emotional and energetic blocks to wellbeing, while simultaneously integrating the Living with Reality teachings. These trainings will enable you to increase your level of self-awareness and capacities to heal yourself and others.
  2. Extra training sessions to teach you additional techniques and tools, to review those learned and to support you in their practice.
  • “LifeForce: The Inner Workout,” a body-mind-spirit exercise program, plus a guided meditation, all for daily wellbeing.
  • Powerful experiences of divine energy. These will be provided throughout the course.
  • Suggestions for the physical health and wellbeing necessary for us to fulfill our potential.

For specifics about the Consciousness Boot Camp program and class schedule, click here.


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