Most people want answers. Few want self-awareness. If you are among those few, Consciousness Boot Camp could be for you!

Many of us say we want consciousness, but do we want self-awareness, the ruthless self-honesty and self-knowledge without which consciousness is not meaningful? While it’s easy to espouse ideas about Oneness or to speak in abstract terms about love and connection, it is hard to admit and overcome the deeply ingrained personal and social patterning that makes it difficult to live from a place of Oneness, accountability and mutual support. Self-awareness and greater command over our own reactions and responses are the work of Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC), led by internationally-known intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher Beth Green. CBC is an exciting, innovative, ongoing and comprehensive program of healing and training that offers you:

  • Community – an environment where it’s safe to be real and reveal our feelings and dysfunction.
  • A monthly group healing workshop to overcome these dysfunctional reactions and patterns.
  • Living with Reality, our foundational book by Beth Green, plus other written materials.
  • Opportunities for development, training and service in diverse areas, such as Healing Arts Theater, Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training and practice, and Esoteric Arts & Sciences.
  • On-line availability so that you can participate live wherever you are in the world, including our once-a-month workshops that can be attended in person or via live videoconferencing.
  • An extensive video library full of teachings, trainings and healing workshops.
  • Free peer counseling, mentoring by advanced students and ongoing mutual support calls.
  • The freedom to start any time at the affordable price of $200/month ($300 for a couple).
  • An alternate $100/month version of CBC that includes only the pre-recorded materials.

What do you need to participate?

  • A thirst for consciousness
  • The courage to tell the truth and hear the truth
  • The humility to ask for support, even when it’s challenging or uncomfortable
  • Dedication, grit and a passion for growth.

This is Boot Camp. Sometimes we may want to run, but if we surrender to the clarity, love and compassion we have for one another, we grow instead. Join us, and in no time, you will find your own evolution impacting in a positive way all the people you touch. Co-sponsored by The Stream Center for the New Spirituality & the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness.

To register or for more information about Consciousness Boot Camp and the many programs offered by Beth Green and The Stream Center for The New Spirituality, call Helen at 760 941-8215. 

What is Consciousness Boot Camp?

Co-sponsored by The Stream and the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, Consciousness Boot Camp is a one- to two-plus-year program that delivers healing, learning and training for those serious about their own inner transformation and who are dedicated to making a contribution toward collective change. You may do one year of the program, do the second year curriculum or even continue further in training and mastery. Some students will want to pursue certification of completion of the program; others will wish to pursue certification in different specialties and advanced trainings.

Consciousness Boot Camp is based on the book Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There, by CBC co-founder Beth Green. Living with Reality is not only a book, it is a program, a comprehensive guide to accelerated evolution. The Living with Reality program bases itself on the reality of oneness and teaches us to live from that paradigm. It contains a coherent and easily understood analysis of the human condition and step-by-step guidelines for positive change. It presents an objective perspective on the ego and its impact on our thinking and behavior, and it offers a positive approach to the evolution of the ego and its long-standing connection to the Dark Side. It contains processes, techniques and practices that support long-term change, and it simultaneously provides tools that can guide us in everyday life. This book can help you as an individual, and it can be a guide to change our world.

This 688-page manuscript forms the foundation of Consciousness Boot Camp, and it is provided to every student in the form of a free PDF file. (You may purchase it in hard copy at But Boot Camp not only teaches and trains students in the many processes, tools and techniques of Living with Reality, it offers workshops and trainings, which give us the opportunity to actually heal old wounds and traumas. By healing these old wounds and traumas, we become freed from old programming. As we become freed from old programming, we become more happy, more creative and more in command of ourselves. We not only talk about our potential, we become it. And as we progress through the program, Boot Camp also trains us in healing processes and modalities, which we can then use to help others.

You Can Participate Online Only or You May Also Participate Live!

The entire CBC program is recorded and available entirely online, so you can participate in Consciousness Boot Camp wherever you are, you may join at any time of the year, and you can go at your own pace.


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